The Frame Gallery
416 S. Main Street, Holmen, WI      608-526-3333
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Any favorite item can be framed and preserved.
Artwork,  prints, photos, sports jerseys, flags, war medals and honors, vacation souvenirs, arrows and artifacts, hunting trophies, sports memorabilia, mirrors, awards, puzzles, wedding and graduation items, stitches and embroidery, signs, antiques, collections

At The Frame Gallery, we preserve your memories!!
Other Services Available
- glass cutting
- matting
- dry mounting
- shrink wrapping
- repair of broken frames
Open Tuesday - Friday
9am to 5pm
If you are coming from out of town, you may want to call first  
to make sure I am here in case I had to leave for an errand or appointment.
     If you are unable to visit during regular business hours, please call to set up an appointment.
Jersey shadowbox created by The Frame Gallery
This print is by Holmen photographer, Jamie Heiden.
Jamie Heiden Photography